INFINITE Sichuan Mala Chicken Stew



The essence of Sichuan cuisine - 'mala' which is known as numbing spicy, has been spread to the community for hundred of years in the Chinese history. Until today this is still one of the most loved dish for those food lovers who crave a little something more thrilling. Sichuan Mala Chicken Stew is well-known for the aroma, its rich spicy sauce and tender pieces of chicken strip, not to mention side dishes that accompanies perfectly. Sichuan pepper creates a unique sensation that constantly stimulates your taste buds. The highlight of this dish is the plant-based NOCHICKEN. Many think it is hard to even tell it apart from actual chicken strips! Even experienced chefs find it difficult to distinguish between the two. The mala spicy sauce is feisty, rich and delicious, totally irresistible! Every bite is as fulfilling as tasting meat, except no meat is really involved. Get a bowl of steamed rice and dinner is good to go!


(1) INFINITE Sichuan Mala Chicken Stew - 250g

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Using《The Vegetarian Butcher NoMeat Series》

植系雞肉 - 啖啖肉嘅植系雞肉,煎炒煮炸,中西日法,千變萬化。
NoChicken Chunks

  • The NoChicken Chunks are The Vegetarian Butcher’s flagship. According to many, the sensational flavour even tastes more like chicken than chicken itself. Master chefs have a hard time distinguishing it from the real thing.
  • It’s delicious in curries, wok dishes, lukewarm in salads and as the main ingredient for your favourite (chicken) dish.
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