Our diversified menu of
global flavours will take your
taste buds on a gastronomic journey.


An alchemy crafted with
heart and soul, elevating the taste
and freshness of every dish.


Pot, hot water, your meal kit,
in 15 minutes - voilà!
There you have it, save the hassle!

Restaurant quality meals ready in just 15 minutes!

WRLD FLVRS serves you indulgence lovers restaurant quality meals crafted and created by our skillful chefs,
without the hassle of planning and preparing a sophisticated meal.

Our diverse menus offer endless flexibility for you, where you can dine out at home without the hassle.

Fresh ingredients are carefully sourced and slow cooked to perfection to ensure a mouth-watering experience. Restaurant quality meals, carefully designed by our skillful chefs, can be ready at home in just 15 minutes!
Follow our plating guides for you to create a restaurant experience!

Signature Menu

INFINITE Sichuan Mala Chicken Stew

The NoChicken Chunks are The Vegetarian Butcher’s flagship. The mala spicy sauce is feisty, rich and delicious, totally irresistible!

INFINITE Polpette di pomodoro (Tomato Meatballs)

Tomato meatballs is a classic Italian dish. Meatballs are a common dish for Western European cuisine, as it fits with any type of accompaniments would be perfect.

12-hour Braised Pork Belly

12-hour Braised Pork Belly – also known as ‘Dong Po Rou’. An authentic yet classy Chinese dish that deserves to be amongst the top pork recipes out there. Indulge in the richness of this classic Chinese speciality!

Balsamic Braised Pork Shoulder

We choose to slow-braise the pork and accompany with a balsamic garlic glaze. To further develop the texture, we have served with Cannellini and Apple Mash and Varza Calita – an authentic Romanian–style stewed cabbage.

Free delivery for single purchase of HKD 500 or above